Welcome to the Indiana University Sociology Lab


342 Ballantine Hall
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405


Stephen Benard
Lab Director
Assistant Professor of Sociology
744 Ballantine Hall

Annie Russian
Assistant Lab Director
744 Ballantine Hall

About Us

We conduct research on a wide variety of topics, including group conflict and cooperation, social dilemmas and public goods problems, collective action, cognitive bias, and organizational behavior. We have an excellent facility with a waiting room, a large, flexible, live group interaction room, and a computer-mediated interaction room with six networked computers in individual cubicles.

If you are an IU undergraduate and are interested in participating in a sociology study, you can learn more, browse currently open studies, or sign up for a time slot at our "Participate" page.

Are you an IU undergraduate interested in working as a research assistant? This is a great way to learn more about research and apply what you are learning in your classes. You can find out more at our "Become a Research Assistant" page.